R/V Mirai: snake’s back

We have onboard snake charmers.

The snake, named “SeaSnake”, is thermistors in a vinyl tube. With the air inside the tube, it floats to measure the water temperature very near the surface. The temperature at the water surface is important to calculate the heat exchange between ocean and atmosphere. The snake works 24/7 to provide the data continuously.

Actually, he has been working in many field campaigns. Finally in this field, he is hunched back to put the sensor to the AIR. No, please, work again with us to provide WATER temperature…

The charmer decided to give him a splint. Now the sensor swims in the water. Good surgery, charmers !

Photo-1: The “surgery”.
Photo-2: SeaSnake, after the surgery.
Photo-3: Time series of the data from SeaSnake, before and after the surgery. The green and red crosses are the temperature data from two sensors. The surgery was at 07 on 12/12. Before that, the sensor frequently provide the lower noisy temperature, which is from the air. After the surgery, such noisy data is gone.

(reports by M.K.)