PAGASA Laoag Synop Airport Upper Air Station

Wednesday, August 1, 2018

Today I left Laoag earlier than my colleagues a little bit.
I enjoyed much my stay there. Of course, in terms of observation we could do what we planned. But frankly speaking, I have another reason for my excitement.
Laoag is a special place for me personally, as I feel like a kind of nostalgia from its name. In Japan, Japan Meteorological Agency broadcasts weather reports for southeast Asia through radio once a day at 16:00 (it used to be three times per day; 09:10, 16:00, and 22:00), so that anyone can draw a weather chart on a blank weather map. A report from Laoag is sometimes sent out only when the report from Basco is not available. When I was a high school student, I drew weather chart for over two years every day. Indeed, I missed to draw only 3 days or so. Anyway, when I could hear the name of Laoag, I thought something happened, and Laoag staff must be happy as their data were reported. Of course, I knew nothing about Laoag itself.
This time, we are conducting our observations at Laoag, and this synop station is our base. Can you imagine how I felt? If yes, you must be a boy who draws your own weather chart.

Dear Mam Cynthia, Chief Meteorological Officer, and her able staff, we deeply appreciate your help for our observations as well as generous hospitality shown to us.
Observations will continue. Please take care of yourself as much as possible and have good days.   (ky)