Finish of the intensive observation in Laoag

The intensive observation in Laoag, Republic of the Philippines, as a part of YMC-BSM 2018 was successfully finished today. I appreciate all the staffs of PAGASA who participated in this project.

In addition to the 6-hourly radiosonde observation that started on July 1, a mobile X-band weather radar was in operation during the whole month of August, observing lots of convective signals around the city. Actually, monthly rainfall at the Laoag weather station in August is more than 1,000 mm, which is about three times as high as monthly climatology, according to the chief meteorological officer of the station. I look forward to analyzing the observed data to examine intraseasonal variability in rainfall and wind field, as well as diurnal cycle.

At Laoag, JAMSTEC has conducted surface meteorological observation with an AWS system for more than 10 years, which was of course a component of the intensive observation project. Although the project was finished, we continue the surface meteorological observation.