YMC-BSM 2020 has been completed.

The R/V Mirai has returned to Shimizu port from her 45-days cruise in the tropical western Pacific. In addition, enhanced radiosonde soundings at Legaspi/Philippines, Yap/FSM, and Palau have been ended on September 14, 2020.

So, now we have completed our field campaign successfully against the threat of covid-19 pandemic. We really appreciate great support from the local agencies in those islands (PAGASA, Yap Weather Service, Palau Weather Service, and NOAA) and great effort done by all participants.

Hereafter, we will analyze data to see what really happened during the past 1.5 months. Numerical model will also help us to understand those phenomena.

We will also intend to release quality-controlled datasets in timely manner from this YMC data site.

You will see our progress through our websites as well as papers. Bye for now!