YMC-CSO2021 will be started!

Cold air outbreaks from the Eurasian continent reach the tropics and affect the climate of the Maritime continent during the Boreal winter.

The variation of the cold air outbreaks which becomes strong or weak are called a “cold surge”.

JAMSTEC/DCOP will conduct a cold surge observation campaign as part of the YMC (Years of the Maritime Continent) in cooperation with Indonesian Agency for MeteorologicalClimatological and Geophysics (Badan Meteorologi, Klimatologi, dan Geofisika or simply BMKG). 

The intensive observation period (IOP) is from January 8 to March 8, 2021.

During this IOP, we will increase the number of upper air sounding in Jakarta and Pangkal Pinang from two to four times a day.

In addition, at Jakarta station, we use the balloons larger than usual to get data up to higher altitudes for 06Z launch.

The cold surge is a phenomenon in the lower layer near the sea/land surface. On the other hand, when convection develops associated with the cold surge, various atmospheric waves in upper layers are excited.

By obtaining observation data at the altitudes higher than 25 km, it is possible to investigate the structure of the waves that are difficult to be detected by usual operational observation.

In addition, a new GNSS sensor has been installed in Jakarta to acquire precipitable water data every 10 minutes.

The pictures show the BMKG staff installing the sensors.

In addition, we can use BMKG’s operational radar network and surface meteorological observations.

It was a lot of work to prepare, but the wonderful staff at BMKG did a great job.

We are looking forward to what kind of data we can get.

MOTEKI Qoosaku