The first raw durian

Friday, July 20, 2018

Many durians come with Murata-san of Kochi University today. I ate a durian
for the first time. The taste is “ena” but I couldn’t eat a lot.
The photos are durian and cutting durians.  (tk)

YMC-BSM in Vietnam

We have been conducting upper air ozone and water vapor soundings in Ho Chi Minh and Hanoi, Vietnam in collaboration with Vietnam Meteorological and Hydrological Administration. The purpose of this observation is to clarify the ozone and water vapor exchanges between the mid-latitude stratosphere and the tropical troposphere associated with the Asian summer monsoon circulation. We started the observation on June 29 at the Ho Chi Minh observatory and on July 2 in the Hanoi observatory, and have been launching the balloons once in two days at the both observatories. (SYO)

Trial Launch

Saturday, July 14, 2018

Today, we conducted a trial launch to check the operation of receiver systems. The launch was succeeded and we can observe at 30km height!!

Another photo is the Padan dishes we ate yesterday. (tk)

Start of intensive observation at Laoag, Philippines

Laoag is a coastal city facing the South China Sea in the northwest of Luzon Island, Philippines. There is a weather station of PAGASA nearby Laoag International Airport, where SYNOP and twelve-hourly radiosonde observations are usually performed.

As a part of the YMC-BSM2018, JAMSTEC, PAGASA, and UP are jointly conducting an intensive observation campaign in July and August of 2018 at the weather station. It consists of six-hourly radiosonde sounding during the two-month period, X-band weather radar observation in August, and inter-comparison of radiosonde sensors manufactured by several companies.

I have visited Laoag and commemorated the start of the campaign by doing a kind of “balloon release” ceremony, using a balloon (with sensor/transmitter) for the first radiosonde observation :P.

The images are (upper left) the Laoag weather station, (lower left) “balloon release” ceremony, and (right) data of the first radiosonde.


YMC-BSM 2018 has been started !

YMC-BSM (Boreal Summer Monsoon study in) 2018  – one of the YMC’s Intensive Observation Periods – has been started since July 1, 2018. It will continue until the end of August, and various observations such as radiosonde atmospheric sounding and weather radar rainfall measurement will be conducted at  Laoag (Philippines), Aimeliik (Palau), Kototabang (Indonesia), Hanoi and Ho Chi Ming (Vietnam). In addition, three unmanned surface vehicles have been launched from Palau to study air-sea interaction in the Philippine Sea.

This campaign is conducted based on the collaboration with the local MC agencies, institutes, and universities including PAGASA, University of the Philippines (Philippines), Koror Weather Service Office (Palau), LAPAN (Indonesia), and National Hydro-Meteorological Service (Vietnam).

Since JAMSTEC colleagues visit those countries in a short period (because most observation will be done by the local collaborators), this blog may not cover successive topics from any specific site. Rather, it will be a collection of reports from various sites (and sometimes it may contain the report after he/she returns to Japan).

Cheers, KY


End of YMC-Sumatra 2017 IOP

Tuesday, January 16, 2018

At last, today has come. Yes, we could successfully complete the intensive observations on and off Bengkulu to study weather and climate systems for two months as the first IOP under the YMC.

Ohhh, please don’t forget the MJO convection is approaching! Although our IOP has ended today, routine observation by the local agencies will continue, and such data will also be available for the YMC community. This is a great advantage of YMC!

IOP Ending Eve

Monday, January 15, 2018

The end of YMC-Sumatra 2017 IOP is approaching. Although today is not the day of ending but eve, we had a meeting, where we expressed our sincere thanks to the local including the state government, navy, police, port authority, airport authority, University of Bengkulu, BPPT, and BMKG.

Over 50 people attended. I’m sure we, YMC-Sumatra 2017 participants, will soon come back here to report our results, since feedback to the local is required as one of major YMC activities. (KY)